Clare regularly appears on television, radio and is often featured in articles where she discusses her own methods and practice.

DVD and Digital Download – Breastfeeding without Tears

DVD and Digital Download – Breastfeeding without Tears

On her DVD, Clare explains how breastfeeding works, discusses what to do if things go wrong, shows mothers how to reduce the pain of sore nipples, helps a three-day-old baby have his first successful breast feed, demonstrates how to swaddle and settle a baby and much, much more.

Also available as digital download from Duke Video.


My absolute favourite guru is the boob goddess Clare Byam-Cook - I tried her method with my son and actually cracked it. Her DVD is fab

AMAZING. A life saver

This DVD is amazing. I was struggling to breastfeed, and had received some pretty feeble advice/help from a variety of midwives (never seem to see the same one twice) and also completely rubbish advice from the NCT, who advised us that our babes would naturally find the nipple on their own and latch themselves on with no help from mother. Clare Byam-Cook's advice makes perfect sense and the DVD is thorough and easy to follow. I'd been feeling like a complete failure, and was an emotional wreck after 2 weeks of failed Breastfeeding, this DVD had us successfully feeding within a few seconds. Every first time mum should watch this DVD before giving birth - it would save all the agony both physical and emotional. Cant recommend highly enough.


I actually bought this DVD before baby arrived (my first) as I missed a special breastfeeding class that was available on the NHS.
To be honest I was very determined to breastfeed my baby and thought that it would be the most natural experience ever and everything would just flow. What an awakening I had once baby was born! I was in incredible pain, baby wouldn't latch properly, I was suffering from PND and the whole experience was horrific. When baby is feeding every 2 hours, there is literally no respite. After receiving various conflicting advice from midwives/health visitors I watched this DVD and followed what Clare advised and baby and I got though the whole experience and we are still breastfeeding 1.5 years later! (even though swore during this period I would only do it for 4 months). The most VALUABLE piece of advice (along with lots more) was expressing and giving baby a bottle at 3 weeks. I was told by Midwives not to do this when I was experiencing latching problems as baby would have 'nipple confusion'...what a load of codswallop (and Clare states the same in the DVD) I used to hear all the time at my mums group from the ones that didn't offer bottles at the start; they were having major problems with baby 6 months down the line when they were due to go back to work and baby would literally scream when a bottle was within arms distance of them. Not only did expressing relieve my very sore nipples it also gave daddy a chance to feed thus leaving me rest a little!
If you are having problems with breastfeeding please buy this DVD and don't give up. Would love to meet Clare and thank her for her words of wisdom and comfort during a really difficult time :)

Buy this before the baby comes

This video is brilliant. The first part is an antenatal class during which Clare Byam Cook gives lots of advice. The most useful part (and the reason I give it five stars) , however, is the second during which she details three case studies. Seeing her advice put into practise is so helpful, and the pictures of contented mums and babies are so inspirational.

Absolute life saver

If you are in pain breastfeeding, leave any doubts aside about what possible help this could be and don't put off getting this DVD. I struggled for two months in awful pain having never heard of Byam Cook. My baby wouldn't take a bottle and wanted to be fed all the time. I had absolutely no respite. Very difficult to bond when you are in agony. After watching this DVD I tweaked what I was doing accordingly, my nipples healed and it hurt no more. She is brilliant and all midwives / health care visitors / breast feeding counsellors should watch this DVD and pass on her advice.

What To Expect When You're Breast-feeding... And What If You Can't?

What To Expect When You're Breast-feeding... And What If You Can't?

While some mothers take to breast-feeding like a duck to water, others just can't seem to get the hang of it. Clare agrees that breast is best but she stresses that the most important thing is that your baby is fed - whether by the breast or bottle - and you, the mother, should feel comfortable with whatever you choose to do.

This comprehensive guide contains all the latest information on breast-feeding your baby successfully, including:

  • How to prepare for breast-feeding
  • What to expect in the early stages
  • How to overcome common problem, such as sore nipples and mastitis

And if you can't... the first rule is you shouldn't feel a failure. Clare recognises there are certain circumstances where bottle feeding is an advisable alternative. Rather than making you feel guilty if you prefer, or have to, bottle feed, she is wholly supportive and sympathetic, providing you with all the practical advice and information you need.

Richard Curtis. “What new dads need to know” Baby London magazine, June 2017

We were rescued by Clare Byam-Cook, who arrived, assessed and repositioned the whole caboodle. If you can't find Clare, find her book…. it's also excellent.

Izzy and Harry Judd

Without Clare's help I'm not sure what we would have done, she really rescued us. If there is any book you read in pregnancy, I would highly recommend Clare’s!

Practice guide that works

No nonsense and practical methods which work whether breast or bottle feeding. Very helpful guide . Noticed a difference quickly when applying the advice .


A good book to read alongside nct book or LL book as it helps you tackle the many problems with breastfeeding and also if you need to supplement with formula without making you feel guilty or telling you that's the end of you breastfeeding! Like the other books do. Also has a section on bottle feeding gives you practical tips if you need to switch, the moto seems to be happy mum = happy baby however their fed!

Good practical, workable advice that works and author does ...

Good practical,workable advice that works and author does not make you feel like you're the worst mother in the world if you do have to give the occasional bottle! Would have liked more advice on getting baby latched on as this is the trickiest bit.

A voice of sanity

I struggled miserably with feeding. Without the calm, sane advice of CBCook I think I might really have been heading for a depression. Hearing from everyone that you just need to persist, isn't any help at all. For anyone who's found the nose to nipple utter nonsense, here's the reason why.

I buy this for all my friends who have a baby

This book was a a great help for me when I struggled with breast feeding my second child. It was recommended by a friend and I have recommended it to many others. It is full of tips to help you breastfeed. I just wish I had read the book when I had my first.

Top Tips for Breast-feeding

Top Tips for Breast-feeding

More and more mothers are choosing to breast-feed their babies. But while some women take to breast-feeding like a duck to water, others find it more difficult and need help to get started.

The invaluable advice from Clare's excellent guide What To Expect When You're Breast-feeding...and What If You Can't? is now available in a handy and concise book of tips. Top Tips for Breast-feeding offers simple, reassuring advice that will make the experience easier and more enjoyable for both you and your baby. With handy tips on:

  • How to prepare for breast-feeding
  • What to expect in the early stages
  • How to overcome common problems.
Excellent guide

Clare's experience with hundreds of mums clearly shows through. Her expectations are realistic in that not all mums choose to or have sufficient milk to breastfeed, and not all choose to do it for 6months as the Government currently promotes.

Clare also addresses possible problems for baby and mum. You can read this book and not feel guilty regarding any decision you make.

A happy mummy makes for a happy baby - regardless of how long you breastfeed for.


Great book to read in advance of starting breast feeding but also as a referene book when you start to have problems. She also does a dvd on the problems you can encounter while breastfeeding and i would strongly recommend getting this too. Really helped me a lot and was v reassuring that breastfeeding can be a difficult skill to master but with a few pointers and tweaks to techniques any problems can be recified almost immediately.

Highly recommended!!

I cant rate this product enough - it became by breastfeeding bible and helped me overcome some of the common hurdles. Highly recommended!!

Excellent book! A must for any new mums new ...

Excellent book! A must for any new mums new to bottle feeding! Easy to read for all sleep deprived mums!

Highly recommended!!

I cant rate this product enough - it became by breastfeeding bible and helped me overcome some of the common hurdles. Highly recommended!!


This book is really, really good. It taught me a lot in the beginning stages of breastfeeding. It's full of lots of practical tips on feeding and routines. I've already recommended it to lots of friends.

Top Tips for Bottle-feeding

Top Tips for Bottle-feeding

Straightforward, practical tips on bottle-feeding for babies from birth to one year.

Clear and concise, Top Tips for Bottle-feeding offers constructive advice for mothers who are unable to breast-feed, as well as handy tips on how to wean your breast-fed baby onto a bottle. This book is packed full of simple information for safe and healthy bottle-feeding, including:

  • How to choose the right formula and bottle for your baby
  • Advice on sterilising bottles and other equipment
  • Guidance on how to recognise whether your baby is getting enough nourishment
  • What to do if your breast-fed baby won't take a bottle.

This pocket-sized book will provide you with all the practical advice you need to bottle feed successfully.

A easy overall guide!

Quick easy read! The book covers all you need to know, I would recommend to my mums for their reference.

Excellent book! A must for any new mums new ...

Excellent book! A must for any new mums new to bottle feeding! Easy to read for all sleep deprived mums!

Handy little book - all you need to know about bottle feeding

I really enjoyed reading this book. I have read Clare's other books about breastfeeding but unfortunately for my daughter and I, due to complications from her birth we were unable to continue breastfeeding. There seems to be so much information out there on breastfeeding but not much on bottle feeding and the information on forums etc can be really conflicting. This book sets out to put that straight. It's a compact little book, so I used to put it in my changing bag so I could read it when I was out and about.

So what if you can't breast feed?

There is so much said about "breast is best" but some women have genuine reasons, and indeed some babies have genuine reasons, why they can't. This book tells you how to bottle feed properly, safely and reassures those mums who can't breast feed that they are in fact doing a good job. It gives you measures for how much to feed your baby and we found that invaluable (the health visitors and midwives will not tell you and the formula packet guidelines are too vague) our baby was a heavy one, and needed far more nutrition than the guidelines on the packet- by following oz per lb instead of oz per month of age, we got it right and now he is a healthy thriving baby! INVALUABLE BOOK.


Great for introducing first time mum's to bottle feeding. Clare gives clear explanations and covers all aspects of bottle feeding.