Clare’s thriving practice has helped countless mothers and newborns form healthy and positive feeding experiences.

Although I prefer to see mothers face-to-face, I do offer FaceTime or telephone consultations to mothers who live too far away to come to see me in person. During the Covid lockdown, I was surprised to find that I was able to resolve many breast-feeding problems in a 60-75 minute FaceTime consultation, including helping babies as old as 6-8 weeks to latch on for the first time ever. However, my advice on most breast & bottle feeding problems is covered in great detail in my books and DVD, so it might be worth having a look at these before booking a telephone consultation.

Yes: If you live within reasonable travelling distance of Putney (Erpingham Road, Putney SW15 1BG), I am happy to come to you.

NB. I charge more for home visits as I include my travel time & costs.

Sadly not! I can give usually help with problems such as:

  • difficulties in latching
  • sore nipples
  • engorged breasts
  • mastitis
  • unsettled babies

but I cannot always help if:

  • you have a low milk supply and standard advice (eating, drinking, feeding & expressing) has not worked
  • your baby is unable to suck efficiently at the breast even if he is latched on perfectly and has no obvious problems such as a tongue-tie. Some lambs need to be bottle-fed & so do some babies!

Yes! I think it is very important that a baby is happy to feed from a bottle as well as the breast so I am always happy to advise mothers who are having bottle-feeding problems. In particular, I often see older babies (usually aged 3-6 months) who have never been given a bottle and are refusing point blank to suck on one. I always hope to resolve the issue of bottle rejection in one 60 minute session and I also discuss this problem in great detail in my books.

Yes. I am happy to give informed and unbiased advice on all equipment, including:

  • nipple shields
  • breast pumps
  • bottles/teats
  • formula milks

I have a very different approach to breast feeding, in particular when it comes to latching the baby on. I completely disagree with the ‘nose-to-nipple’ method which is the current trend as I think this makes it more difficult for the baby to latch on & is often the main cause of sore nipples. I can usually demonstrate that my ‘mouth-to-nipple’ followed by ‘shape-and-shove’ technique immediately helps:

  • the baby to latch on quickly & easily
  • to prevent sore nipples
  • to enable the baby to get the milk more easily, so feed times are shorter

Yes. In addition to home & hospital visits, I also see clients in my consulting room in Putney (Erpingham Road, Putney SW15 1BG).

Yes. It can be very helpful to have a second pair of eyes and ears, especially in the early days when you might be very tired and finding it hard to focus. You are very welcome to bring anyone you want – your partner, a family member, a friend and/or your maternity nurse

I normally see a client once, for a 60-75 minute consultation. It is very unusual for a client to need a second session. This is usually enough time to resolve the problem and then explain how breastfeeding works. I will discuss:

  • how long a feed should last
  • how you know when your baby has had enough milk
  • whether to use one breast or two
  • how frequently to feed
  • common ‘baby’ problems such as wind, colic & reflux
  • common breastfeeding problems such as low milk supply, unsettled after feeds

I charge £150 for a consultation at my house in Putney (Erpingham Road, Putney SW15 1BG), which normally lasts about 60-75 minutes or longer if needed. I charge more for doing home visits to reflect the time involved and charges will vary depending on how far I have to travel.