Clare’s thriving practice has helped countless mothers and newborns from healthy and positive feeding experiences.

My absolute favourite guru is the boob goddess Clare Byam-Cook - I tried her method with my son and actually cracked it. Her DVD is fab

Cherry Healey. TV presenter of ‘Is Breast best?.

We were rescued by Clare Byam-Cook, who arrived, assessed and repositioned the whole caboodle. If you can't find Clare, find her book…. it's also excellent.

Richard Curtis. “What new dads need to know” Baby London magazine, June 2017

Without Clare's help I'm not sure what we would have done, she really rescued us. If there is any book you read in pregnancy, I would highly recommend Clare’s!

Izzy and Harry Judd

Clare was incredibly helpful, she gave me great advice. She has a real down to earth presence, with a voice of practical courage and kindness.

Geri (Halliwell) Horner

With Mia I had real problems getting her to latch on and was close to giving up when I got advice from Clare. I just can’t praise her enough – she has a really straightforward way of describing the latching on technique and has managed to get mothers breastfeeding when they really thought they would never get it.

Kate Winslet ~ Baby & You Magazine

Clare’s book should be handed out with the first contraction. Clare is a true ‘baby whisperer’, who will save you and your baby hours of torment. Her kind, common-sense and amazingly informed advice was as essential to me as breastpads and chocolate.

Kate Beckinsale

There is so much bollocks talked to new mothers about breastfeeding - everyone has an opinion and most of them seem to conflict. Clare is a great solution – she takes away the old wives’ tales, the nonsense and the guilt, and makes the whole process work as it is meant to.

Emma Freud

Clare Byam-Cook sorted out in five minutes the miserable and agonising confusion with which I had left the hospital.

Christine Odone

Without Clare I would have fallen at the first hurdle.

Annabel Heseltine

The worst day of crying, unsurprisingly, coincided with the day my milk ‘came in’. I looked as if I had been on the receiving end of a bad boob job. It was time to engage the services of Clare byam-Cook, my breastfeeding counsellor. She came round the morning after I came home and, in her no-nonsense way, she made the whole experience even more enjoyable and rewarding.

Gabby Logan ~ Body & Soul. The Times Sat Sept 3rd 2005

Despite being a professional working with children I soon realised that at a personal level common sense can go out of the window. As an uncle and more recently a father I have very gratefully accepted Clare’s straight talking no-nonsense approach. Not only do I now have a niece and son who eat and consequently sleep better but Clare’s invaluable help has resulted in four happier parents as well.

Atul J Sabharwal (Consultant Paediatric Surgeon)

It is for me, professionally gratifying to have a book written by someone who brings such a balanced approach to both breast and bottle feeding. Too often mothers are given so much differing advice as to what they should, or should not do. This book/these books will help a new mother make her own choice and give her the expert advice, which will help her with the successful feeding of her baby.

Betty Parsons M.B.E

I was reading Baby London Magazine & came across your article on Low Milk Supply. You are one of the very few midwife-nurse, who has a very sensible and practical approach to breastfeeding. I blog about these issues and felt like you are writing up my thoughts.

Ramnik Mathur, Paediatric Consultant,

Clare took in the scene of chaos and began to create order. She showed me how to position myself comfortably to breastfeed, showed me how to get Lola to latch on without pain and answered all my concerns. Her voice was calm, comforting and reassuring.

Izzy Judd in her book ’Dare to Dream’

Whenever I refer patients to Clare I am confident that, if the problem can be solved, she will solve it. Her expertise and calm, confident manner has provided help and reassurance to countless mothers over the years.

Dr Tim Evans (Royal physician)

I booked Clare to come round the day my fourth child was born, and the breastfeeding has, for the first time, worked from the first day.

Emma Freud ~ The Daily Telegraph

Breastfeeding is one of those things you go through life assuming to be natural and easy, but when I was pregnant I began to hear lots of horror stories about bleeding nipples and awful pain. So I booked Clare to come and see me as soon as Billy was born, by way of a pre-emptive strike. It was fantastic. She showed me how to place the baby at the right level using a pillow and pretty early on I was able to feed him, hands free.

Helena Bonham Carter ~ The Daily Telegraph

Clare came to my rescue when we were in a complete mess. She turned my feeding nightmare into a much more peaceful experience.

Tiggy Legge Bourke

When I read Clare's book I realised how much I had to learn, and how much could so easily go wrong, and that it might be valuable to have a chat with her before the babies arrived. The hour or so I spent with her was one of the most valuable in my 'motherhood' preparation. I always thought that breastfeeding would be a chore but I have to say breast feeding my babies is one of the highlights of my day.

Gabby Logan

Clare is a bastion of common-sense. She says that if a mother went out and bought a hamster she would be given more instructions on how to feed it than she currently gets on how to feed her precious baby

Vanessa Feltz

As a first time mum, Clare gave me the confidence to breastfeed successfully and to appreciate that with the right technique it can be a totally pain free and profoundly bonding experience with your baby. It was only because of Clare that I managed to do seven months.

Trinny Woodall

I like the way she doesn’t mince her words and says “No, no, you’re doing it all wrong

Helena Bonham Carter

There is so much bollocks talked to new mothers about breastfeeding - Clare is a great solution!

Emma Freud

Clare Byam-Cook was a life-saver. She was very efficient and head-girlish……

Christine Odone