Clare regularly appears on television, radio and is often featured in articles where she discusses her own methods and practice.

 I will be at The Baby Show at the NEC this Friday 13th May.

I will be on stage from 11.30 – 12.15 and then on the MAM stand from 12.45 – 3.45, where I will be able to give individual advice on breast and bottle feeding.

  • Clare Byam-Cook demonstrating how to breast feed on The Wright Stuff TV show


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“The worst day of crying, unsurprisingly, coincided with the day my milk ‘came in’. I looked as if I had been on the receiving end of a bad boob job. It was time to engage the services of Clare byam-Cook, my breastfeeding counsellor. She came round the morning after I came home and, in her no-nonsense way, she made the whole experience even more enjoyable and rewarding.”
Gabby Logan
“Clare is a bastion of common-sense. She says that if a mother went out and bought a hamster she would be given more instructions on how to feed it than she currently gets on how to feed her precious baby.”
Vanessa Feltz
“Despite being a professional working with children I soon realised that at a personal level common sense can go out of the window. As an uncle and more recently a father I have very gratefully accepted Clare’s straight talking no-nonsense approach. Not only do I now have a niece and son who eat and consequently sleep better but Clare’s invaluable help has resulted in four happier parents as well.”
Atul J Sabharwal (Consultant Paediatric Surgeon)