Clare specialises in helping mothers who are finding breast feeding difficult. She will teach you how to latch your baby on easily and pain-free and explain exactly how breastfeeding works.

To book a session, please ring me on 020 8788 8179 or contact [email protected]

I am now offering telephone or Skype / FaceTime consultations if travelling to Putney is not possible. Please use the details above or visit the contact page to make an enquiry.

To learn more about my services, please review my frequently asked questions page.

I normally only see a mother once for one session (which normally lasts about 60-75 minutes or longer if needed) and it is very rare for a mother to need to see me again. But I am happy to see clients as frequently as they want and I also give follow-up telephone advice when needed.

One-on-one consultations before or after the birth

You can book me for any of the following:

  • An antenatal session before the birth to explain how breastfeeding works, discuss common breastfeeding problems and advise which breastfeeding equipment (e.g. breast pumps) would be the most useful..
  • To see you within the first day or two after the birth to check that everything is going well and to prevent any potential problems such as sore nipples and engorged breasts. It is only possible to book me in advance if you have been given a definite date for a Caesarean section or induction.
  • To see you when problems have arisen and you are in urgent need of my help. This is what the majority of mothers do. I will always see you as soon as I can but it will of course depend on my availability when you ring.

Where would you like to see me?

You can book a session at my house in Putney (Erpingham Road, Putney SW15 1BG), where there is plenty of free parking in the road outside my house. You can come on your own or be accompanied by your partner, friends, family or maternity nurse. I charge £150 for a consultation, which normally lasts about 60-75 minutes or longer if needed

Home visits within the London area

I can visit you at your home or in hospital, providing it is within reasonable distance of Putney (SW15 1BG). I charge more for doing home visits and my charges vary depending on how far I have to travel. – I am happy to discuss my fees when you phone.

Press & media appearances

For all press and media enquires please call Clare on 020 8788 8179 or contact [email protected]

Close-up photograph of a baby drinking from the breast
A mother nursing her baby at the breast
Photograph over the sholder of a mother feeding her baby
Victoria Coren Mitchell

“Clare helped us with both our babies….and we quickly realised that she is always right about absolutely everything!”

Victoria Coren Mitchell & David Mitchell
“There is so much bollocks talked to new mothers about breastfeeding – everyone has an opinion and most of them seem to conflict. Clare is a great solution – she takes away the old wives’ tales, the nonsense and the guilt, and makes the whole process work as it is meant to”.
Emma Freud
“Breastfeeding is one of those things you go through life assuming to be natural and easy, but when I was pregnant I began to hear lots of horror stories about bleeding nipples and awful pain. So I booked Clare to come and see me as soon as Billy was born, by way of a pre-emptive strike. It was fantastic. She showed me how to place the baby at the right level using a pillow and pretty early on I was able to feed him, hands free.”
Helena Bonham Carter
“When I read Clare’s book I realised how much I had to learn, and how much could so easily go wrong, and that it might be valuable to have a chat with her before the babies arrived. The hour or so I spent with her was one of the most valuable in my ‘motherhood’ preparation. I always thought that breastfeeding would be a chore but I have to say breast feeding my babies is one of the highlights of my day.”
Gabby Logan